Add Flair to Invitation Inserts

Learn how to add Flair to Invitation Inserts – We have all of the ins and outs here #FunForAll

When it comes to throwing a party, sites like Birthday in a Box couldn’t make it any easier. You can get matching invitations, thank-you notes, plates, cups, napkins, decorations, banners, and more in one easy place and have it all arrive at your house in matter of days. But as I recently found out, one thing you can’t buy in a matching theme is paper for added instructions. If you’re throwing a shower and you want to include registry information, along with instructions to your house, a map, or other details that don’t typically fit on an invite, there’s a quick and easy way to include the extra information without it looking like an afterthought.

Where to Go

First, check out an e-tailer that has party supplies, like Birthday in a Box or Party City. Then pick a theme for the party. This is key: Pay close attention to the theme you choose. Those with squares and white backgrounds will be easier to work with than odd shapes and highly detailed backgrounds.

How to Do It

From here, you can see the invitations and all the other supplies, complete with pictures. Then, using a design program, copy whichever pictures you like from the site (such as the plates, napkins or tablecloth), and work them into your letter. Or, if you want to use only part of an image, copy it from the site, paste it into an image-editing application (Paint will do if you have nothing fancier). From there, you can just select which part of the image you want to use and copy and paste it into your letter, which you should create in an illustrator application. (I like CorelDraw, but you can use any graphics-arts program. If you don’t have one, try InkScape. It’s a free download.)

All for Nothing

And that’s it. You can do all this with free downloadable software (or software that comes with Windows), free images from a party-planning site, and your inkjet printer that you got from INKman. It’s not just a free alternative to something that’s readily available for a price; you can’t really find extra matching paper to go with invites, and invites never have enough room for this kind of information.

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