Adult colouring in apps

Dive into the imaginative world of adult colouring in apps! We have looked up what the general feeling toward these interesting new pass times are.

Read on to come to your own conclusions.

The theory behind colouring books for adults is that they relieve the stress and anger of our daily lives. This being 2016, inevitably there are now apps for that.

“The fresh and harmonic color palettes are designed for stress relieving coloring,” suggests Recolor’s App Store listing.

Repix, Relook and Camu photography are some of the more popular apps having been downloaded more than 25m times. More than 200 illustrations have been created for some of these apps, with a simple set of colouring tools to change individual areas of each picture with a tap!

Free apps can be downloaded and used but like every app in the 21st century individual illustration packs – from animals, fishes and insects to isometric images and bejeweled skulls – can be bought using in-app purchases.

“Color Therapy has more than 20,000 reviews and an astonishing number of five-star ratings. When I opened the app, I quickly figured out why — they reward you with more design options after you give them a five-star review. Even more bells and whistles unlock if you follow them on Instagram. (I see you, Color Therapy.) They do, however, offer a range of celebrity designs, so if you would like to doodle on Donald Trump’s face, this app’s for you!”

This might seem very contradictory to what a stress relief method should be considering that mobile devices and tablets are often the cause of anxiety. These colouring apps put aside me time and help become creative outlets. And on the plus side, for less-coordinated colourists, these apps make it impossible for you to colour perfect pictures in the lines. Although that, too, arguably takes some of the fun out of the process.

No matter what your view on the topic is, no one can resist a good colouring in project so here are a few printable adult colouring images, ENJOY!

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