HOT new products

Inks, toners and printers are just a tip of the iceberg! Watch this space for features on the HOT new products available in store right now!

Technology has brought us to the panicle of convenience! We have brought some of your favourite electronic goods on board! These have been added to our amazing list of office automation products.



Pop in and pick up a brand new Wireless Logitech
MK120 keyboard & mouse at the best prices anywhere
in South Africa!


08-16 -3


Take your pick from our assorted Amplify Earphones at
the best prices on the South Coast!



08-16 -4


Get active to your own beat! Assorted Amplify Sprinter Sport Earphones available in-store now!



These are just some of the great new products we have in store, so make sure next time you are in town you come take a look at our range of electronics!

Visit our store or contact us to see the whole collection today (039) 312-1333 | (074)163 2577 | Fax 039 312 0601 |

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