Image transfer on glass

Today I will share how to add an image transfer on glass. You’ll never throw an empty food jar away again, once you see how easy it is to do! #FunforAll

You will need toner for this project, if you are running low, just give us a call and we will have you printing again in no time.

Although the process is similar to doing a regular image transfer, there is no transfer medium used, and the image isn’t permanent, so it’s also like putting a removable decal on glass.

Let’s get started!

Supplies needed:

1) Glass jar or other glass object

Note – if you use clear glass, the image will show up better if you put something white inside it, like white candles, soap, buttons, or cotton balls.  If you use a white glass object (like milk glass), the image will show up perfectly

2) Clear Shipping tape (broad sellotape)

3) Copy of the image you want to transfer


1)  Make a copy of the image you want to transfer.  Make sure your printed image fits within the width of your tape.  Do not reverse the image when you print it.  It makes sense to put multiple images on one page, and you’ll be able to quickly prepare enough for several jars at one time.

All of the images I used for this tutorial can be found HERE.

2)  Stick the shipping tape over the image, being careful not to get a bubbles or crinkles in the tape.  Use a credit card to smooth the tape down completely.

3)  Cut out the image, trimming as closely around it as possible.

4)  Wet the paper side with water, and gently rub the paper off of the tape with your fingers.

5)  Once you have all the paper residue off the tape, blow dry the tape for a few seconds to dry it off.  The heat also helps make the tape a bit stickier.

6)  Position it on the glass and smooth into place, then step back and pat yourself on the back!  You just kept a glass jar out of the landfill, and made something useful and pretty at the same time!

These images are not dishwasher safe, and should only be cleaned gently with a cloth.

Unfortunately, this method only works with laser jet copies (toner ink) – not inkjet copies.

If you don’t have a Laser Jet printer don’t worry INKman Have a wide range of stock

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