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Here is a very useful Inkjet printing tip! When it comes to your printer, there are a lot of tips and tricks that can help you save money and get better prints #Tips #Tricks

Use Mini Test Prints! Image editing software is a very efficient way to ruin good images! One of the most common digital printing errors is to over-adjust your image because you may only notice a change in appearance on your monitor after a fairly course adjustment. Often, extremely subtle adjustments are all that is required to optimise your printed image. Remember that your printer is very sensitive to small changes, whereas your monitor may only show larger adjustments due to the more ”sluggish” nature of the colour phosphors in some monitors. A great way to accurately gauge the print output change to a small adjustment is to produce miniature (A6) test prints: Reduce the size of your print file to A6 size (one quarter A4) without re-sampling. Make a note of the original image resolution. Print a mini test print of the raw scan as test print number one, then carry out subtle changes as required, each time checking the result with another mini test print. Inspect your test prints at a few inches distance. When you are happy with your final test print, revert back to your original print size by entering the original ppi resolution. Your will find that the finished print is a close match if held at arm’s length, compared to your test print viewed close up. This method is very economical on ink, paper and time, allowing you to enhance an image with far greater accuracy than relying on the monitor alone

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