Print a Wi-Fi Booster

Learn how to Print a Wi-Fi Booster here! #FunForAll

If your Wi-Fi signal isn’t as strong as you wish it was, hold off before buying a new router or an expensive high-gain antenna. With the help of your printer, aluminum foil, and some glue, your weak Wi-Fi could be a thing of the past. These printable antenna add-ons can even help you direct your signal to the exact locations in your home where you want it to be stronger, such as in the den on the opposite side of the house from where your router is.

Unlike some of the projects we’ve looked at here, this antenna is a fairly easy build that shouldn’t take more than a half an hour, and attaching it is easy. Instructables has a thorough step-by-step photo guide for building the antenna, but all you really need to do is print an outline from the PDF template at the site onto card stock, cut out the two pieces, fold the inner piece, and insert it into four slots that you cut into the dish portion. Add some glue for stability, then wrap the dish part in aluminum foil and affix it to your existing antenna through two holes you poke in the center of the paper-bracket portion. (An alternative to using paper for this project, if you’d prefer a more durable antenna, is to print the template, cut it out, and then trace it onto another material, such as thin plastic sheeting.)

The antenna serves as a parabolic trough, focusing and aiming your Wi-Fi signal, which normally radiates out in all directions. The result, according to a number of users, is a boost of 9dBi to 12dBi, which is more of a signal increase than you’ll get from many commercial high-gain antennas. As an added bonus, the antenna will actually reduce the signal intensity behind your router, so if your neighbors across the street have been stealing your Wi-Fi, adding one of these antennas might actually force them to get their own broadband.

If you’d like to try a different design, check out this PDF template from, as well

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  1. Jagath

    Jackie, I am a watercolor peatnir and occasional teacher who lives in a cottage in the woods, on a tiny peninsula poking out into the Pacific on the west coast of the US Washington state. I have followed your blog for several years and love your work as well as the way you share your life with those of us who lurk here. My morning visits to your studio brighten my predominately gray days we get over two and half meters of rain here every year. I love your reports on all the new techniques you try and find them inspiring. I tried the gold leaf on a painting of young cowboys and ponies and sold it for a tidy sum. I was wondering if you get bothered by the solitude of your studio at times? Pat


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