Printers’ glossary of terms V3

Let’s break down the jargon into layman terms with the Printers’ glossary of terms #PrinterVSPrinter V3

When getting a new printer you might see some printer related jargon on the box. In this weekly series we will give an explanation on three terms frequently used.

  • PostScript
    A page description language developed by Adobe. Generally used by laser printers, PostScript is becoming increasingly common in high-end inkjets too.
  • Pigment Inks
    While conventional inks are essentially oil-based dyes, pigment inks consist of tiny chunks of solid pigment suspended in a liquid solution. According to their proponents, pigment inks offer richer, deeper colors and have less tendency to run, bleed or feather.
  • PDL
    Page Description Language: a language for describing the layout and contents of a printed page used with laser printers. The best-known PDLs are Adobe PostScript and Hewlett-Packard PCL (Printer Control Language). Both PostScript and modern versions of PCL are object-oriented, describing a page in terms of geometrical objects such as lines, arcs, and circles.

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