Printers’ glossary of terms V4

Let’s break down the jargon’s into layman terms with the Printers’ glossary of terms #PrinterVSPrinter V4

When getting a new printer you might see some printer related jargon on the box. In this weekly series we will give an explanation on three terms frequently used.

  • LPT1
    The first parallel or printer port on a PC.
  • LED Printer
    An electrophotographic printer that uses a matrix of LEDs as its light source. The LED mechanism is much simpler than its laser printer counterpart. A stationary array of LEDs is used instead of numerous moving parts, and the LEDs are selectively beamed onto the drum.
  • LCD Printer
    Similar to a laser printer. Instead of using a laser to create an image on the drum, however, it shines a light through a liquid crystal panel. Individual pixels in the panel either let the light pass or block the light, thereby creating a dot image on the drum.

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