Printers glossary of terms

Let’s break down the jargon’s into layman terms with the Printers glossary of terms #PrinterVSPrinter

When getting a new printer you might see some printer related jargon on the box. Here are a few explanations of those terms frequently used.

  • Feathering
    A term used when describing printed text quality. Feathering occurs when deposited ink follows the contours of the paper. Depending on the viscosity of the ink, the rougher the grain of the paper the more pronounced the feathering will be.
  • Dot Matrix
    A type of printer, also known as serial dot matrix, that uses one or two columns of dot hammers to form images out of dots. The more dot hammers used, the higher the resolution of the printed image.
  • Process Colors
    The four primary ink colors (CMYK) used in color printing.

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