Printing while on the move

Epson iPrint makes printing on the move easier than ever. With the innovation of the smart phone and apps, printing while on the move has become a walk in the park #PrintingNEWS

Get the latest Epson printer from INKman to start enjoying this app.

When at home or out and about, Epson Connect allows you to print from practically any device, anywhere. With a wide variety of services you’ll be surprised what you can achieve with your Epson printer.

How can iPrint help you?

Epson iPrint is a powerful mobile assistant that does more than just print and scan. It also allows you to access your files in the cloud. Here’s what iPrint can do:

  1. Print multiple photos
  2. Print saved documents
  3. Access and print files from the cloud
  4. Print web pages
  5. Scan and email / upload your files

Follow these links to download the app:

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