Service excellence you can expect!

Service excellence you can expect, is what we strive to deliver everyday!

INKman is not only known for their amazing prices but also for their outstanding service.

Customer service is part and parcel of our everyday existence. In fact, it should be the very reason for our existence and not a chore to be endured. Good businesses enjoy giving great service. They subsequently enjoy success. When we have satisfied our customers, they not only help us grow by continuing to do business with us, but recommend us to friends and associates as well.

Here are some of the key service points you can expect from INKman. To experience this for yourself, give us a call today on 039 312 1333.

  1. Respect. We make our clients feel important and appreciated. We treat them as individuals! You can expect a thank you every time you deal with us!
    Should a customer be unsatisfied, we take this feedback to heart. We are always looking to improve our service and products.
  1. Understanding. We pride ourselves on understanding, identifying, and satisfying our customer’s needs. We have realized that customers don’t really buy products or services, but rather buy solutions to problems. We have become experts at solving customer problems through our extensive product knowledge and understanding of their needs.
  1. Listening. Our ears and eyes are always open. We encourage open dialogues with all customers. We are extremely good listeners, which helps us to identify our customer’s needs. We are always on hand to listen and ask the important questions so that we are able to offer the best advice.
    We always welcome feedback and suggestions from our customers about our service and products.
  1. Responding. Always expect us to respond as soon as possible. We are here to ensure that you do not suffer any downtime that could compromise your company, products or services.
    Our goal is to make dealing with us a breeze and a true pleasure.
  1. Serving. We believe that serving our customer is essentially fulfilling your needs and keeping our promises.
    We strive to make sure that our customers understand what they are getting and how working with us can simplify all of their office automation needs.

We always give more than expected. We understand that the future of our company lies in keeping all of our customers happy! It makes our day to give every single customer that ‘wow’ factor after dealing with us.

INKman specialises on all toners and INKs! Free delivery! We are the BIGGEST and BEST people for all your INK needs. For more information please get in contact with us | (039) 312-1333 | (074)163 2577 | Fax 039 312 0601 | 

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