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Terminator inspired 3D printer

Yes you read that correctly, they have created a Terminator inspired 3D printer! This is some mind blowing tech. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE! #PrintingNEWS

The future of 3D is not set in stone, but the advances in this new tech …

Insane Dragon Motor Bike

If you thought your bike was a beast, you might want to re-think that after seeing this Insane Dragon Motor Bike and the most insane part is that it was 3D printed #PrintingNEWS

You can trust INKman to bring you …

Top 10 3D printed creations VIDEO

Watch this short clip on the Top 10 3D printed creations that showcase the endless possibilities for 3D printing ALL OVER THE WORLD! #PrintingNEWS

INKman are always on the cutting edge of technology and as soon as 3D printers become …