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Deconstruction of a laser printer

This is the most incredible deconstruction of a laser printer with an explanation of how each internal component works. After watching this short clip you will never look at your inkjet printer the same way again. It truly is a

Inkjet printing tip

Here is a very useful Inkjet printing tip! When it comes to your printer, there are a lot of tips and tricks that can help you save money and get better prints #Tips #Tricks

Use Mini Test Prints! Image editing …

Update your old flower pots

Update your old flower pots with this new and fun centerpiece for your friends or family #FunForAll

Simply use your printer to create the color copies of images you want to use and trim them to fit any flower pot. …

Inkjet vs Laser Printer

The age old question, Inkjet vs Laser printer – which is better? #INKmanProducts

There is no clear cut answer, it comes down to your personal needs. But we have put together a list of pros and cons of both types …

How to print the perfect photo PART 3

Taking the perfect photo is only the first step when learning how to print the perfect photo PART 3 #Tips #Tricks

Remember INKman can help you with ALL your printer and printing needs! For more information please get in contact …