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Deconstruction of a laser printer

This is the most incredible deconstruction of a laser printer with an explanation of how each internal component works. After watching this short clip you will never look at your inkjet printer the same way again. It truly is a

We aim to please

At INKman we aim to please, and when we get positive feedback from our clients, it makes our day #ExcellentService

We welcome and take all of our clients feedback and suggestions into great consideration. Hearing positive feedback is always a …

Expect outstanding service from INKman

You can always expect outstanding service from INKman. We offer outstanding service to each and every client. You will not leave us disappointed #ExcellentService

We believe that our outstanding service is a reflection of our appreciation for all of …

Printing while on the move

Epson iPrint makes printing on the move easier than ever. With the innovation of the smart phone and apps, printing while on the move has become a walk in the park #PrintingNEWS

Get the latest Epson printer from INKman to …

Printers’ glossary of terms V4

Let’s break down the jargon’s into layman terms with the Printers’ glossary of terms #PrinterVSPrinter V4

When getting a new printer you might see some printer related jargon on the box. In this weekly series we will give an explanation …