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Scooter repairs and hire

Did you know the INKman family offer scooter repairs and scooter hire?

Getting around is really important to us so we can only image how important it must be to you. Call us today to make sure both your wheels …

A look inside a flatbed scanner

Let’s take a look inside a flatbed scanner and see how it works #OfficeAutomation

We all use them but how much do we know about them? This short video will show you everything you need to know!

If you looking …

Terminator inspired 3D printer

Yes you read that correctly, they have created a Terminator inspired 3D printer! This is some mind blowing tech. WATCH THE VIDEO HERE! #PrintingNEWS

The future of 3D is not set in stone, but the advances in this new tech …

Scrapbooking Anyone?

Scrapbooking Anyone? Learn all of the ins and outs here #FunForAll

For years now, we’ve been hearing about printer companies focusing on scrapbookers, but without actually investing in this white-hot pastime, it’s not immediately obvious exactly what scrapbookers are doing …

Deconstruction of a laser printer

This is the most incredible deconstruction of a laser printer with an explanation of how each internal component works. After watching this short clip you will never look at your inkjet printer the same way again. It truly is a

Most expensive printed photo

We take a quick look at the most expensive printed photo ever! The price paid is going to blow your mind #PrintingNEWS

Well, my fellow inksters, keep on taking photos and printing them, maybe another private buyer might find one …

The worlds smallest printer

Is this the worlds smallest printer? This minute printer is perfect for the business man on the move #PrintingNEWS

INKman might not stock the world’s smallest printer, but we definitely stock the world’s biggest printer BRANDS.

A new handheld printer …