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Which printer is right for me?

With a wide variety of printers available like laser jet, ink jet and all-in-one, it can become confusing and you might find yourself asking which printer is right for me? #PrinterVSPrinter

The below points should help guide you in the …

Create a Personalised Organizer Booklet

Learn how to create a Personalised Organiser Booklet here! #FunForAll

If you run out of ink, toner or paper while printing you organiser booklet, don’t worry, we have tons more and we won’t even charge you for the delivery!

If …

Most expensive printed photo

We take a quick look at the most expensive printed photo ever! The price paid is going to blow your mind #PrintingNEWS

Well, my fellow inksters, keep on taking photos and printing them, maybe another private buyer might find one …