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Print your own business cards

Learn how to print your own business cards here! #FunForAll

In these turbulent economic times, your home inkjet (or laser) printer can be a great source for inexpensive entertainment, for adults as well as kids.

Many of you probably know …

Most expensive printed photo

We take a quick look at the most expensive printed photo ever! The price paid is going to blow your mind #PrintingNEWS

Well, my fellow inksters, keep on taking photos and printing them, maybe another private buyer might find one …

Can a font save you money

Can a font save you money, the short answer is YES #Tips #Tricks

We are in the business of helping people with their printing needs, but if our tips and tricks can help you save some money here and there, …

10 Best Fax Machines 2015

Every home and office should have a good fax machine. IN THIS VIDEO we break down what are the 10 Best Fax Machines #OfficeAutomation

INKman have every piece of office automation you could ever need for your home or office, …

Unbeatable Service Excellence

Unbeatable service excellence is not only what we say about ourselves, but it is what our clients say about us as well #ExcellentService

“Hi Amanda, I’m the ol’ lady that lives in Port Edward & I had probs with cartridges …