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How to use Inkjet Sticker Paper

The ink, toner and paper industries have come a long way and one of the newest and scariest things to use at home! Here we learn how to use Inkjet Sticker Paper.

Inkjet Sticker Film, also referred to by some …

World of Origami

Printing and paper go hand in hand so we thought we would look into the world of Origami for a few interesting uses of paper!

Need a table decoration, want to use up old paper or even just a way …

8 tips for buying a new scanner

Are you thinking of buying a new scanner? Be ready to make an educated choice in no time with these 8 must know points!

Regardless of the size, make and model INKman will be able to source the perfect scanner …

Everything you need for your printer

Don’t look anywhere else. We have everything you need for your printer!

Printers, toner, cartridges, paper – INKman has it all, so just contact us (039) 312-1333 | (074)163 2577 | Fax 039 312 0601 | amanda@inkman.co.za

Connect with us …

Make and print your own crossword puzzle

Do you want to make and print your own crossword puzzle? Learn all of the ins and outs here #FunForAll

Everyone loves a good crossword puzzle. They are a great way to teach children something new, as well as …

Print Papercraft Models

Learn how to print Papercraft models here! #FunForAll

In these turbulent economic times, your home inkjet (or laser) printer can be a great source for inexpensive entertainment, for adults as well as kids.

Papercraft, once more commonly known as card …