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Scooter repairs and hire

Did you know the INKman family offer scooter repairs and scooter hire?

Getting around is really important to us so we can only image how important it must be to you. Call us today to make sure both your wheels …

Everything you need for your printer

Don’t look anywhere else. We have everything you need for your printer!

Printers, toner, cartridges, paper – INKman has it all, so just contact us (039) 312-1333 | (074)163 2577 | Fax 039 312 0601 | amanda@inkman.co.za

Connect with us …

Collect repair and Return

If you are in need of quick printer repairs, INKman should be your first call. We will have your printer up and running and back to you in no time with our collect, repair and return, policy #INKmanProducts

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