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Toner performance

‘Toner Saver’ mode can help you save precious ink! Improve your toner performance and lifespan with this simple and easy to use tip from INKman!

Typically access ‘Toner Saver’ mode by adjusting the printer settings from your computer. This mode …

Three most popular printer problems

Sometimes switching your printer on and off doesn’t quite do the trick. Here are some solutions to the three the most popular questions that revolve around printer problems!

1. A printer connected to a computer does not print.
Cause: …

Inkjet printing tip

Here is a very useful Inkjet printing tip! When it comes to your printer, there are a lot of tips and tricks that can help you save money and get better prints #Tips #Tricks

Use Mini Test Prints! Image editing …

Can a font save you money

Can a font save you money, the short answer is YES #Tips #Tricks

We are in the business of helping people with their printing needs, but if our tips and tricks can help you save some money here and there, …

How to print the perfect photo PART 2

Taking the perfect photo is only the first step when learning how to print the perfect photo PART 2 #Tips #Tricks

Remember INKman can help you with ALL your printer and printing needs! For more information please get in contact …