The worlds smallest printer

Is this the worlds smallest printer? This minute printer is perfect for the business man on the move #PrintingNEWS

INKman might not stock the world’s smallest printer, but we definitely stock the world’s biggest printer BRANDS.

A new handheld printer that’s the size of a mouse and weighs just 250g can print onto anything from notebooks to napkins which is perfect for that business meeting you forgot to print your notes or contract for.

The Print Brush, made by a British company called PrintDreams, prints up to A4 size in black and white, at resolutions of 600dpi. The company says that it’s the smallest printer in the world.

The user drags the printer across the page vertically, horizontally or diagonally, and an optical navigation sensor ensures that the resultant print-out is accurate. Data can be sent to the device using Bluetooth and infra-red connections, or via a USB cable.

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